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Great place to get tattoo

“I’ve had a few pieces done by Tuan in the last couple of years. His work is the best I’ve seen in a long time and his prices are really good compared to a lot of other artists around. My latest piece just got done and I was really impressed with the amount of detail and care Tuan put into it to make it stand out. Tuan is very fast with his work and does an amazing job. Every time my friens and I come by to get work done, we always feel at home. I live near his shop and it’s always like going to visit a friend. We always feel at home and have a good time. The atmosphere is very kick back and professional without being loud and aggressive and full of cocky kids who know too much.”

by ChrsJacobo‎ on MonsterInk Tattoo
“I trust you dude”

Very talented artist (Tuan) with amazing tattoo cover-up talent. This place is also owner operated and has a very chic environment. Tuan is a very talented artist, and is also the only artist that I would recommend to others, every single time. He is really gifted at what he does, and has a very diversed portfolio that showcases all his strengths and talent.First time I stepped into the shop I was tooken back. The shop isn’t like most other tattoo parlors – Tuan’s tattoo studio is very, very classy and is also extremely clean and sanitary (a must, if you ask me).

by SactoJacobo on MonsterInk Tattoo
Monster Ink

My mom and I are currently working on tattoos done by Tuan, the owner/artist of Monster Ink, and every time we go in and he asks us what we want we both just say “Whatever you think, I trust you.” And he has yet to fall short of absolute greatness. Not only is he a wonderful tattoo artist, he also does beautiful canvas paintings that are on display at his shop. This means he is an artist first and foremost, which is something a tattoo artist should be. He is very good at reading a person and knowing what you’re trying to describe.I had to only say a few words and he drew up EXACTLY what I was picturing in my mind. He did the same thing with my mom (whose piece is more visible than mine and she gets stopped constantly by people asking who is working on it). I have bounced around with tattoo “guys” for a while, but Tuan is now my permanent tattoo “artist”.

by Athena on MonsterInk Tattoo

I have 5 old tattoos on my back that I asked “Tuan” (the owner/operator) to incorporate into a “single-theme back-piece”. I have already had 5 sessions, with a few more to go, before his work is finished. I get stopped “ALOT” and asked “who is the ARTIST doing my back-piece?” In all the years I have had tattoos and shown them I have never been asked “who is the artist doing your tattoo”? To have complete strangers come up to me and ask about the work being done on my back makes me Proud that I finally found a true TATTOO ARTIST!This shop is the most professional tattoo shop I have encountered that doesn’t make you feel like you just walked into a Biker Bar. “Tuan” is a GREAT ARTIST that definetely pays attention to the DETAILS! Also, I started carrying around some of “Monster Inks” buisness cards, giving them out to the people that praise “Tuans” work.

by Jason on MonsterInk Tattoo
Look no further……

I would totally recommend this shop to anyone!! Tuan is a GREAT artist! I got my tat done by Greg and I friggin love it!! They are a chill group of tat artists. Great color and shading, very creative!! And their prices are TOTALLY reasonable!!!

If you want a tattoo, go here, period.

The shop is professional, clean, and inviting. Tuan is a great artist. Whether you have a picture or an idea… this is the place to go.‎

by Vilma on MonsterInk Tattoo

Tuan is professional, courteous and above all, a fantastic artist. The shop is clean and inviting. Tuan will do all my work going forward.‎

Tuan is a good tattoo artist

Tuan the owner did a great job on my first tatoo. Before I had gone to Monster Ink, I shopped around and other places had given me outrageous quotes and then I found Tuan and he gave me a great price and did the job in way less time. Tuan is a great artist and has many years of experience. I am definitely going to him for my future tatoos. He’s awesome!

by Anthony on MonsterInk Tattoo
Midtown Sacramento’s Best Tattoo Shop

Tuan does a good job of tattooing. He had a clean space and his skin art is good. One thing I would suggest to make it an even better experience, is to make sure you the tattoo-ee and the tattooer are on the same page as to exactly what you want. I asked for some light blue shading on a small sparrow that i had done as part of a larger piece, and he made the whole thing light blue. Small in proportion to the whole piece, but i’m picky. Just make sure you’re very clear as to what you want and he’ll give it to you. Tuan is a good tattoo artist.

by on MonsterInk Tattoo
Great artist, comfortable shop‎

I got my fifth tattoo here, and I drove from Berkeley. It was well worth the drive. The artist and owner, Tuan, made me feel very comfortable. He also works quickly, so if you’re looking for a good deal this is a pretty good bet for by-the-hour ink. My tat just finished healing and you can really appreciate his skills. Five stars, even with a 90 minute drive. Also, he has a fairly extensive selection of flash art if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking to get.